Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarthy Have Signed New Best Player Of The Team….

Following his release from the Miami Dolphins, Emmanuel Ogbah, a former Super Bowl pass rusher, may join with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are reportedly one of the landing spots for the defensive end, according to a source. After two years of signing Ogbah to a $65 million, four-year contract, the Dolphins dismissed him. Given the Dolphins’ wage cap concerns, the release was anticipated.

Mike McCarthy: Dallas Cowboys to retain head coach for 2024 season despite  damaging playoff loss | CNN

Under former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, Ogbah did, however, play a career-low 25% of defensive snaps in the previous campaign. The Dolphins didn’t appear to know how to approach the former Super Bowl winner or what steps to take. Other important free agents that the Cowboys have this offseason are Neville Gallimore, Jonathan Hankins, Dorance Armstrong, and Dante Fowler Jr. But Dallas, with Mike Zimmer as their new defensive coordinator, most likely has a different strategy.

Ogbah and other seasoned players might be the first to arrive at that new alteration. This is most likely what Zimmer will do in order to fully commit to getting ready for the next season. After playing as a crucial reserve for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2019 and winning a Super Bowl, Ogbh started his career in Miami. Since the Super Bowl champion is familiar with the terrain of the championship, the Cowboys might make use of him.

Since entering the league in 2016 as a second-round selection, Ogbah has accumulated 42.5 sacks. Dallas might be the place to land him more playing time after he saw a decline in it in Miami the previous season. Adding Ogbah might help the Cowboys, who are anticipated to lose some of their front seven.

The Cowboys have likely been searching for a change ever since previous defensive coordinator Dan Quinn left to play for the Washington Commanders. The fact that the Cowboys are pressing the quarterback, like they did under Quinn the previous season, gives them a certain amount of pride. Ogbah would strengthen the team’s reputation and mentality to chase the ball with a charismatic presence like to Micah Parsons. With a sack, Dallas has historically had excellent statistical success stopping quarterbacks.

With 141 quarterback takedowns, the Cowboys are tied for the fourth-highest total in the NFL. The addition of Ogbah might elevate the Cowboys’ defense to Super Bowl caliber, since it is already a frightening sight. Ogbah has experienced a few injuries over his career, though.

In light of that, the Cowboys could be able to sign him for less money. Ogbah lost playing time in Miami to players with greater experience, like as Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips, so Dallas might give him more defensive snaps. But, Dallas is also plagued by cap concerns, so it could be challenging for the team to complete a trade. Long-term contracts with Parsons, Dak Prescott, and CeeDee Lamb are still needed for the Cowboys.

If the Cowboys are unable to reach an agreement, he will have plenty of suitors. He may go back to the Cleveland Browns, the team that picked him in the first place. This offseason, defensive end Za’Darius Smith is a free agency, giving the Browns the opportunity to replace one veteran with another. Since Jim Schwartz’s defensive line is crucial, Ogbah’s addition could be a smart place to start.

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