The top Player Of A Team quarterback prospect for signed a very excellent deal….

The Falcons are looking to add a quarterback, and it’s possible they will get two.

They plan to conduct a thorough search in an effort to address the primary problem that has plagued the team ever since they traded Matt Ryan to the Colts. It is hoped that they may take one of Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, or Caleb Williams earlier in the draft. However, the likelihood is it won’t work out.

It is widely anticipated that the Bears would  Caleb Williams with the first overall pick after trading for Justin Fields. According to recent speculations, the Patriots may select a quarterback with their third choice. And that leaves the Commanders, who are in urgent need of a franchise quarterback. Maybe they will change their minds and return for a large haul of selections. Although it seems doubtful that the Falcons will be able to persuade any of these clubs to abandon their current position, there are still alternatives.

The most sensible course of action would seem to be to double down on the position, signing a seasoned quarterback and then selecting one in the draft to sit behind him. Michael Penix Jr. may be the Falcons’ guy in that situation. He reported having a “very good” meeting with the Falcons at the NFL Combine, during which they posed some “tough” questions.

QB Michael Penix Jr. reported that his medical exams went smoothly and weren’t as uncomfortable as he had anticipated. has experience with shoulder and ACL issues.
Penix reported that the Falcons asked several “tough” questions during their “very good” meeting.

Not as much as other people are into Michael Penix Jr. If the Falcons hold onto their #8 pick in the first round, they most certainly shouldn’t be considering him, but in rounds two and three, things change drastically. Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot will need to do this a few times before they get it perfect. Should they fail to do so, they will meet the same terrible end as Arthur Smith.

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