Unexpected Awful News: Head Coach Announce Andy Russell After Death Suddenly……

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a very depressing start to the month of March. According to WTAE, 82-year-old former Steelers linebacker Andy Russell passed suddenly.

Among the many ironic defensive players from the 1970s Steelers heyday was Russell. However, his time with the squad actually started far earlier than the team’s heyday.

In 1963, Russell made his Steelers debut. The 1966 season saw him rejoin the squad following a two-year hiatus for military duty. In the end, Russell emerged as the team’s finest player, and in 1968, he was selected to his first Pro Bowl.

Russell was a starter for the Steelers until he retired after the 1976 season, even after Chuck Noll came in 1969 and the team selected several future Hall of Fame players in the draft.

Russell was on the second team All-Pro in 1972 and won seven Pro Bowls between 1968 and 1975. He was a Pro Bowl player when the Steelers won their first two Super Bowls in 1974 and 1975, captained the club for ten years, and was named team MVP in 1971.

Steelers supporter Billy Hartford said on X (formerly Twitter): “Andy Russell was a Steelers team captain ten years in a row from 1967-76 (a team record) and played in seven Pro Bowls.” From 1967 to 1976, he was selected for six straight Pro Bowls.

In 1968, 1970, and 1971, he was named the team’s MVP on defense. In addition, he won the SB twice (IX, X).

Andy Russell played in seven Pro Bowls and captained the Steelers for ten consecutive seasons (1967–1976), a franchise record. He was selected for six straight Pro Bowls from 1967 and 1976. In 1968 and 1970, he was the defensive MVP of the squad; in 1971, he was named team MVP. He has also won the SB thrice.

Chris Dokish posted on X, calling him “one of the most underrated Steelers ever.” “Seven Pro Bowls and two championships.”
Former LB Andy Russell of the Steelers Dies at 82

Along with supporters, a number of well-known Steelers media people posted their recollections of Russell on social media.

“Unfortunately, news. “Ed Bouchette, a retired Steelers insider, wrote, RIP to Andy Russell, a borderline Hall of Fame linebacker who played on some of the best and then worst Steelers teams.”

According to Christopher Carter of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Andy Russell was one of the few Steelers that Chuck Noll took from the original roster he got to the Super Bowl 9/10 seasons.”

Reactions on social media came from journalists covering different sports teams in Pittsburgh.

“Dear Andy Russell, a legendary member of the Steelers,” posted Josh Yohe, a reporter for The Athletic covering the Pittsburgh Penguins. “Very intelligent, prosperous man who played football before.” Steelers legends. captain of the most formidable defense ever mounted. A really depressing day.

John Perrotto, a Heavy Sports MLB writer and journalist for the Pittsburgh Pirates, posted a video of the lone interception Russell ever returned for a touchdown.

Perrotto referred to it as “the bridge from the bad Steelers to the good Steelers.” “Andy Russell, RIP.”

In his career, Russell only managed one additional touchdown. In the 1975–76 playoffs, Russell recovered a fumble 93 yards for a score during the division round. For 47 years, that was the longest fumble that was recovered for a score in an NFL postseason.

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