Good News : Detroit Piston Head Coach Have Receive The Best Player of Team In 2024 And Signed…

One of the most divisive players in the Detroit Pistons’ recent history was Killian Hayes.

His fiercest supporters shrugged over his apparent shortcomings in favor of his “upside” and what was mistakenly referred to be “elite” defense, while his harshest detractors did the exact opposite and frequently took all-too-personal jabs at him in the process.

The Detroit Pistons had to release him at the trade deadline in order to create a roster place and prevent Monty Williams from starting him, so it’s safe to say that most of us just wanted him to flourish and live up to his potential as a seventh overall choice.

Hayes, who is still only 22 years old, has time on his side because point guards have a tendency to develop slowly, which gives him optimism.

The fact that he hasn’t been signed yet is a reflection on both the Pistons and Monty Williams; this player, who has started the majority of Detroit’s games this season, is capable of starting on the bench for any other club.

However, Bleacher Report identified the San Antonio Spurs as the club most likely to offer Killian Hayes a shot, so they are one that may make a call.

I suggested at the start of the season that Hayes would be ideal for the Spurs because of their small guard rotation, which would give him plenty of minutes, and because fellow Frenchman Victor Wembanyama would benefit from his skills.

Who knows? Maybe Hayes’ offense, which is the primary factor preventing him from being an NBA rotation player, will eventually be revealed by Gregg Popovich.

Though I’m relieved it will be with a different club, I do wish him luck in his future, even though his stint with the Detroit Pistons was a disaster.

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