THE HAVE SIGNED :Buccaneers Have Just Signed New Best Player Of The Teams

The battle to re-sign wide receiver Mike Evans was going to get fierce, and that was the reality facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay wasn’t certain to have its player back, and the veteran wide receiver for the Bucs was planning to test free agency. But an agreement has been reached. Evans will not be leaving the Bucs.

Evans was very clear that he would not sign with any old company. No, he’s been in an intriguing situation because he hasn’t stopped performing at the best level. Secondly, Evans is in a position in his profession to exercise selectivity.

Luckily, the Bucs were able to finalize a contract prior to Evans being allowed to sign with another club.

However, who had to the Bucs defeat to keep Evans in Tampa?

Lamar Jackson is in the same spot that he has always been, despite the fact that it feels like we have been discussing for years how the Ravens need a top wide receiver. It has not worked out for Rashod Bateman. Odell Beckham Jr. has changed throughout the years. Zay Flowers is most effective in his role as a WR2.

Jackson to Evans would be a whole other offensive package for Baltimore. They already have a lot of running backs, and they are the best in the league at it. Baltimore would definitely go the next step if you gave Jackson a real outside threat like Evans.

If Evans had been on that team the previous season, for instance, perhaps—just maybe—the outcome of the AFC Championship Game might have been different. With Evans as a real difference-maker, Baltimore’s season result from the previous year may have been very different for an offense lacking a dominating wide receiver.

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