REPORT: Major Reason why LeBron James is undermining Darvin Ham…

LeBron is reportedly involved in yet ANOTHER power struggle.

We have some fresh allegations surrounding Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James flexing his power in an attempt to get as much of the Lakers organization as possible to flip on head coach Darvin Ham.

There’s already been some tension between these two this season, with the biggest highlight being the side-eye blast from James in the direction of Ham. Then, fans were already skeptical that LeBron was done with Ham as the Lakers skipper.Well, we now have some new light on the situation, according to a report from Lakers insider Anthony Irwin. LeBron will consistently override Ham’s plays with his own and is also telling teammates to ignore their coach, Irwin wrote on Lakers Daily.

LeBron did this same thing in Cleveland, tried it in Miami (and failed), and now here we go again in Los Angeles.

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