Are the Knicks and Jazz destined for a trade? Here’s what NBA insiders think..

  1. The Knicks are coming off a weekend where they cleared a roster spot by waiving veteran big man and living legend Taj Gibson, who could soon return to an assistant coaching position. No
    The deal allows the Knicks to free up a 15-man roster spot before the Feb.
    8 trade deadline, opening the door to 1-for-2 and 2-for-3 deals in the coming weeks.
    As discussed on Monday, there is little flexibility in negotiations with other franchises.
    Coincidentally or not, ESPN’s Brian Windhoes and fellow pundit Tim McMahon took to the stage on Monday’s latest episode of the Hoop Collective podcast to discuss the possibility of being targeted by the Knicks before the deadline.
    He touched on a number of topics, including: Tim McMahon was the one who presented a few options that New York might want to dig deeper and attempt at the final trade buzzer within a month: Utah Jazz heater Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton.
    According to TMM, the contract extension DeQueue McBride signed after the OG trade actually meant nothing (“Let’s not pretend it was a big gamble,” he said).
    He said he had no intention of preventing him from pursuing another bench.
    Scorer until the second Thursday of February.
    “The Knicks front office needs to take a call and explore the trade market to find another player in the rotation who could potentially replace Immanuel Quickley,” McMahon began.
    “If I were them, I’d be on the phone with the Utah Jazz, talking to Jordan Clarkson, talking to Collin Sexton.
    ” Clarkson, 31, has played 688 games since entering the league.
    Participated in 1983, he was a shooter in 44/33/83 games.
    He entered the league as a member of the Lakers in June 2014 with no visible injuries.
    This season (and the past few years), Clarkson has been the Jazz’s microwave scorer, contributing 17.
    2 points per game and 5.
    1 assists per pop.

The veteran Filipino player signed his first contract with Utah in 2020 and was traded to the Jazz for $55 million last July after finding a spot where he was this season’s Sixth Man of the Year award winner.
Signed a one-year extension contract.
Sexton, who turned 25 last week, isn’t a playmaker in the sense that he’d rather hand out a dime than throw a bucket, but he’s age-appropriate for the majority of the Knicks’ current roster.
The former Cav has shot 46/37/83 in 303 career games and is averaging 15.
9 PPG and 3.
9 APG in 37 games this season, including 14 as a starter.
Sexton is in the second year of a four-year, $71 million contract after Cleveland signed him in a sign-and-trade as part of the Donovan Mitchell trade that the Knicks rescinded several years ago.
McMahon’s partner in crime Brian Windhorst has raised the whole Klutch-Knicks conflict on the table and has no problem with Rich Paul’s agency trading/signing players to franchises if it benefits everyone involved.
It made me think there wasn’t.
He provided another example that is far more serious than just a silly dispute between two sports agencies and has potentially greater negative consequences for the organizations involved.
It’s an ongoing lawsuit between New York and Toronto.
“The Knicks just signed a deal with the Raptors, and the Raptors are suing the Raptors, and vice versa,” Windy said.
“In the NBA, you have to do business with the people you do business with.
I can’t hold a grudge like that.
It’ll never get you anywhere.
Of course, like many of the Knicks’ rumored targets including Clarkson, Sexton, Malcolm Brogdon and Dejounte, this will always be an interesting topic of discussion, even if only from the outside.
Murray is represented by Klutch Sports and signed with Rich Paul’s agency.
Finally, another longtime basketball writer, NBA Insider’s Mark Stein ($), mentions Jazz big man Kelly as another name the Knicks should keep an eye on after losing Mitchell Robinson to injury.
He cited Olynyk.
The Knicks acquired Precious Achiuwa as part of the deal.
OG Anunoby traded to Raptors.
“The 6-foot-11 Olynyk, who will turn 33 in April, is also a potential trade target for the Knicks, given New York’s dire size need due to Mitchell Robinson’s “season-ending” ankle injury.
Seems reasonable.
Stein wrote on Christmas Day.


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