Cowboys’ Likely Decision on Possible QB Trade Revealed Amid Rumors…

Cowboys’ Likely Decision on Possible QB Trade Revealed Amid Rumors.

The Dallas Cowboys have three quarterbacks who likely have appeal around the league, prompting plenty of NFL trade rumors. With Dak Prescott headed towards an eventual extension, the focus turns to the futures of Trey Lance and Cooper Rush.

Yet, Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher believes there is a good chance the Cowboys will retain all three quarterbacks this offseason. Keep in mind, Dallas gave up a fourth-round pick to the San Francisco 49ers in order to land Lance before the season started.

“It’s been written that Dallas is ‘going to have to make a choice about whether to keep Lance around or not,’” Fisher noted in a January 5, 2024 column titled, “Rumor: Cowboys to Trade Dak Prescott Backup QB Cooper Rush or Trey Lance; 10 Truths Inside The Star.” “Indeed, according to the contract website Spotrac, Lance is very much on the ‘roster bubble’ for the Cowboys in 2024.

Dak Prescott, Cowboys rally in fourth quarter for a 20-17 victory over the  Chargers - The San Diego Union-Tribune

“That is false. He is an asset – if not as a third-string QB (assuming he doesn’t beat out Rush next summer) than in a trade … as long as Dallas gets more than a fourth-round pick back for him.”

Cowboys Rumors: Dallas Will Not Pick Up Trey Lance’s Fifth-Year Option for 2025

Lance’s cap hit of $5.3 million is reasonable for 2024 but admittedly a high price for a third-string quarterback. Rush’s deal is more affordable at $2.8 million for next season, and it is worth watching to see if the Cowboys at least take calls about a potential deal for either quarterback. ESPN’s Todd Archer reported on October 4 that the Cowboys would not exercise Lance’s fifth-year option in 2025.

“The Cowboys will not exercise the fifth-year option next spring on Lance for 2025, since that would cost more than $25 million, but they could work out a short-term extension for him if they like what they see in practice this season and in next year’s preseason,” Archer detailed in a story titled, “What Cowboys saw in Trey Lance and what’s next for the former 49ers QB.”

Fisher added that the Cowboys do intend to keep Lance beyond the 2024 season but want to find a more reasonable price than the $25 million potential cost of the fifth-year option. Dallas could look to sign Lance to a new deal instead.

“Back in October, we reported on the Cowboys rumors that suggested the team does intend to keep Lance in place,” Fisher added. “… Dallas could offer Lance a long-term deal to stay here to inherit not Dak’s job, but Rush’s. He might say no; in his early 20’s, and as a former blue-chip prospect, would he really want to give up the dream of being a starting NFL QB? Probably not. But Dallas will give that a shot.”

There Is No Cap Savings for the Dallas Cowboys by Releasing Trey Lance

The Cowboys insider is responding to rumors that the Cowboys will explore moving on from Lance this offseason. Spotrac’s Michael Ginnitti had Lance on the roster bubble, a surprise given the quarterback’s salary is already guaranteed for 2024. There is nothing cutting Lance would save Dallas other than an additional roster spot.

“All of Lance’s $5.3M salary for 2024 is fully guaranteed,” Ginnitti detailed in a December 22 article titled, “2024 NFL Roster Bubble Players.” “It’s hard to imagine he’s tradeable (again), so Dallas either makes him an above average paid QB2 next season, or pays him to leave.”

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