Trial Report:Young thug’s friend asks about LeBron James during cross-examination at YSL RICO trial..

YSL co-founder Trontavious “Tic” Stevens is accused of conspiring to commit violations against Georgia’s “influenced fraudsters” including rapper Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Lamar Williams) and others.
Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was named in a lawsuit under the Inquiry Organization Act, or RICO.
After the objection, the question to Stevens was changed, but he was still asked whether he saw James wipe his nose and say “phlegm” to his teammates.
It’s strange that James’ name came up when questioning his Stevens, but apparently the prosecution is trying to find out everything about YSL and what the hand gestures and names mean to the members.
Williams (Young Thug) and his attorney maintain that YSL is not guilty, saying only that it is a record label.
Young Stoner Life Records was founded by Williams and includes artists such as Gunna and Lil Keed.
If convicted, Williams could face severe prison sentences.
According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Williams’ conspiracy charge and his two gang charges each carry a sentence of 20 years in prison, down from his five years.
Williams’ trial has been ongoing since his arraignment in May 2022.
James may be using the YSL gesture when shaking hands, but it’s pretty weird for the Lakers star to be mentioned.
Because it’s hard to see how his handshake actually has anything to do with the charges that people like Williams and Stevens are facing.
James clearly loves shaking the hands of his teammates, perhaps symbolizing his special bond with them.
With the Lakers in the midst of the 2023-24 season and looking to compete for an NBA title, it is unlikely that James will need or want to deal with being named in the YSL RICO trial.
James and the Lakers will face the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night, a team they have already beaten three times this season.
It will be interesting to see if his handshake is seen on camera again on Thursday.

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