From a good Source: Lakers sign Darvin Ham to focus on improving backcourt

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Lakers remain committed to head coach Darvin Ham after losing 11 of their past 16 games and losing by 18 points at home to the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night, league officials say.
told Char Report.
Sources say owner Jeanie Buss and president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka have told the second-year head coach that his job is not in jeopardy.
That’s what it means.
This reassurance from above allowed Ham to focus solely on refocusing his team.
“I talk to Rob every day and we’re always talking about how to improve the team and what we can do as a coaching staff,” Ham told B/R after falling to 19-20 this season.
“This is an open dialogue that I’m open to and it’s helpful.
” We’re all trying to do this right and that’s what we’re trying to do.
” Ham understands the pressure of coaching the Lakers and LeBron James.
When a report from The Athletic surfaced that suggested there was a rift between Hamm and some players, it was no surprise that Hamm ended up on the hot seat a year and a half into a four-year contract.
There was growing speculation that this might happen.
“When I checked my phone that day, I had about 50 text messages.
I’m not active on social media, so I don’t know what people are saying.
But I was like, ‘Wait a minute.
Please send a text message.
that’s ok.
I’m here for you.
I thought someone had died.
That was my first reaction.
Then someone sent me an article with an anonymous source and I thought, “Is this all?
” it’s okay.
we have a good team.
We still have work left to do.
” The Suns were similarly poor at the start of the season with 20 wins and 18 losses.
This season, rookie Bradley Beal failed to score more than 25 points in 14 games.
But on Thursday against the Lakers, he scored a season-high 37 points, including eight triples, and scored a season-high 20 points for the Suns in the third quarter.
Anthony Davis said after the loss, “We’re making sure that anybody can get a good shot against us, regardless of the numbers.
” “If someone shoots 10 percent, they’re going to shoot us 40 [percent].
We have to play everyone like Steph.
Davis in the aftermath of the explosion Although he only scored 13 points in a short period of time, he has been consistently dominant this season.
“I did it.
You guys just forget who I am,” Davis said B/ told R.
Officials say the Lakers are looking for speed and quickness in their backcourt as the Feb.
8 trade deadline approaches.
The Lakers want to increase the tempo of their offense and are interested in players who can serve as point-of-attack defenders.
Rival executives expect the Lakers and Toronto Raptors to have more serious talks with the Atlanta Hawks about star guard Dejounte Murray, sources said.
However, it remains to be seen whether the Lakers have enough attractive assets to tempt Atlanta.
Atlanta isn’t moving like they need to trade Murray at the deadline.
They have made it clear to league officials that they are happy to keep him and will reconsider his future in the offseason.
Murray still has three years guaranteed on his contract and a player option for the 2027/28 season.

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