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Given that the New York Giants made the postseason the year before, the 2023 season was a complete disaster.

As of late broadened quarterback Daniel Jones battled, then, at that point, arrived on harmed save. The offense needed trustworthy playmakers, and the safeguard just once in a while played like a postseason-type unit.

At the conclusion of the season, the Giants parted ways with defensive coordinator Don Martindale after only six wins. Nonetheless, lead trainer Brian Daboll and senior supervisor Joe Schoen will both return for 2024. Their vision for the establishment will proceed.

Alumnus Brian Daboll named NFL Coach of the Year

“It requires investment, takes several offseasons, it takes a couple of drafts to fabricate it the correct way,” Schoen said, per Fox Sports’ Ralph Vacchiano

It will take, work, however, and the Monsters have a few testing choices before them.

Running back Saquon Barkley was New York’s most reliable offensive player in 2023, at least when healthy. However, injuries limited him to 14 games. Injury concerns have consistently clouded Barkley’s pro career, and he’s set to turn 27 next month.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley 'starting to get that swagger back' |  amNewYork

Signing Barkley to a long-term extension would come with significant risk, though letting him go could have a negative impact on Jones—who signed a four-year, $160 million extension last offseason, which he has yet to live up to.

Using the franchise tag for a second straight year would be problematic, though it doesn’t seem as if Barkley would fight it.

“They did it last year. So I’m numb to it. I don’t have any feelings toward that at all,” Barkley said, per Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

Saquon Barkley and Giants Cannot Agree to Long-Term Deal - The New York  Times

New York is projected to have $37.9 million in cap space, but tagging Barkley would require him getting a 20-percent raise over his 2023 salary—which would eat $12.1 million in cap space.

Daboll and Schoen must figure out how to retain Barkley and whether doing so would be more logical than replacing him with a younger, cheaper option.

The Giants acquired safety Isaiah Simmons from the Arizona Cardinals in August for a mere seventh-round pick in the 2024 draft. Now, they have to decide whether the 25-year-old is worth keeping long-term.

On one hand, New York hasn’t invested much in Simmons. If he proves to only be a one-year rental, it won’t substantially derail the team’s organizational plans. On the other hand, he was a solid contributor in 2023

Simmons appeared in all 17 games, made four starts and finished with 50 tackles, a sack and an interception. In coverage, he allowed an opposing passer rating of only 81.9, according to Pro Football Reference.

New York isn’t in a position to simply let promising young players walk out the door, but Simmons is likely to receive a fair bit of interest on the open market. While he was largely a rotational player this past season, he’s talented, versatile and plays a premium position.

Simmons has a projected market value of $16.5 million annually. The Giants must determine if keeping him is worth that or whether the money could be better spent on areas of need, like the offensive line and wide receiver.

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