Snooker legend calls for Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter to settle.

Snooker legend calls for Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter to settle their feud over a ‘beer’, after war of words erupted between the pair following their Masters final showdown.

A snooker legend wants Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter to hash out their differences over a ‘beer’.O’Sullivan and Carter have been embroiled in a bitter war of words since their Masters final – which O’Sullivan won 10-7 – on Sunday.

Ronnie O'Sullivan clashes with Ali Carter in bitter exchange before World  Championship exit - Irish Mirror Online

In the aftermath of that match, O’Sullivan labelled his rival a ‘f****** nightmare’ and urged him to ‘sort your f****** life out’, before Carter responded by saying he feels ‘sorry’ for O’Sullivan and that he is not ‘that well, mentally’.

Having watched the pair’s feud escalate in recent days, 1994 Masters champion Alan McManus has called for both men to come together and settle matters with a drink in hand.

‘Very strong words on both sides of the fence there, I think because they’ve both been around for 30 years or so – they’re men now, they’ve got their feelings and they will air them,’ McManus said on ITV.

‘What I would like to see, which probably isn’t going to happen, is one of them saying to the other “listen, come with me. I’m going to buy you a beer and we’re going to talk this one out”.’

O’Sullivan and Carter’s rivalry has heated up in recent years, with the duo involved in a famous ‘shoulder barge’ incident during their match at the 2018 World Championship.

That clash was still being talked about heading into Sunday’s final, which saw Carter move into a 6-3 lead before O’Sullivan won seven of the last eight frames to claim his eighth Masters title.

In his post-match interview, O’Sullivan made a pointed remark about testing Carter’s mettle after his opponent faltered in the latter stages of the match.

‘That’s what was driving me on tonight, get him to that point to go, come on, let’s see if you’ve got it?,’ O’Sullivan explained.

‘Not many people have. It’s a good place to find out, when you’re out there. Most of them do [feel it] there’s very few that don’t.’

Ronnie O'Sullivan out of World Championship after angry exchange with Ali  Carter | Snooker News | Sky Sports

Carter hit back by claiming O’Sullivan had ‘snotted on the floor’, while he also slammed ‘morons’ in the crowd at Alexandra Palace for calling out during the match.

O’Sullivan was furious with Carter’s accusation and launched into an extraordinary X-rated rant that is now being reviewed by snooker chiefs.

He told several papers: ‘He needs to sort his f****** life out. I’m not going to skirt around it any more, tip-toeing on eggshells around someone like that. He’s a f****** nightmare.

‘Playing snooker against someone like that is a nightmare. He’s not a nice person. It’s not a nice vibe he leaves around the table.

‘I’ve said my piece, I don’t give a s***. I’ve said it now, done. You know what he’s like, everybody knows what he’s like.

‘He’s got issues. F****** why has he got issues with me? I’m not having it.’

O’Sullivan added: ‘He’s got beef with me. He’s got issues, he’s got to sort his life out, he’s got to see a counsellor or something. He’s got to sort it out because I haven’t spoken to him for 20 years.’

When asked about O’Sullivan’s comments, Carter insisted he wasn’t angry or bothered by the fierce criticism, before appearing to question the seven-time world champion’s mental state.

O’Sullivan and Carter are on course to meet again in the World Grand Prix final this weekend, having won their respective matches on Tuesday to book their place in the last 16 of the tournament.

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