ESPN Insider Proposes Kyle Anderson Trade..

ESPN Insider Proposes Kyle Anderson Trade

Pelton had a difficult time determining what Minnesota’s biggest need was and how to address it. “It’s testament to how well Minnesota did by adding Mike Conley at last year’s trade deadline,” he wrote, “that the Timberwolves are contenders at this point in the season and that this question is so hard to answer.”

Grizzlies' Kyle Anderson had savage response to angry bettor

However, he believes that the Wolves need more three-point volume, and trading Kyle Anderson is the key to getting it.

Minnesota has struggled with versatile Kyle Anderson (1.1 3-point attempts per 36 minutes) on the court in particular and might do well to flip him — in the final season of his contract — for a player of similar overall ability but better shooting. Would the San Antonio Spurs consider bringing back Anderson in a deal built around Doug McDermott (8.7 3PA per 36)?

Fans may have a difficult time processing trading Anderson, given how popular he’s become in Minnesota. But he’s had a down year, and the Wolves don’t have much cap space to work with. Moving Anderson for a proven shooter in McDermott seems logical for a team that could use more three-point shooting.

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