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The National Football League announced the International Player Pathway (IPP) program for the Class of 2024, featuring an initial group of 11 athletes from around the world and five professionals from England and Ireland.
Launched in 2017, the IPP program provides the world’s top athletes with the opportunity to compete at his NFL level, improve his skills, and ultimately secure a spot on his NFL roster.

Giants Now: NFL announces International Player Pathway Program Class of 2024

The purpose is The Giants have a long history with IPP these days.
Running back Sandro Platzgummer was assigned to the team as part of the 2020 program, and the Austrian native subsequently spent three seasons on the Giants’ practice squad.
The Giants signed from the IPP in 2022, resulting in the Nigerian offensive tackle spending part of the 2022 season on the team’s practice squad.
The 2024 IPP class, which includes the program’s first specialists, includes talent from eight countries and represents a total of 16 players transitioning to the sport of American football.
Our athletes come from a variety of sporting backgrounds including rugby, basketball, athletics, Gaelic football and Australian rules football.
This shows how diverse sporting experience and skills continue to help international player pathways enrich the league’s structure.
“We are pleased to welcome the Class of 2024 to the International Player Pathway Program,” said Peter O’Reilly, NFL Vice President of International, Club Business and Major Events.
“As we focus on growing the game globally, it is important that we develop international talent within the NFL and connect our sport with fans around the world.
Program participation in 2024 The IPP class of 2024 is an elite and diverse group of athletes, and we look forward to following their journeys in the coming months.
” “The IPP class of 2024 will feature athletes from diverse athletic backgrounds and from around the world.
“We will be showcasing a group of incredibly talented athletes from different countries around the world,” said Osi Umeniora, head of the NFL’s Africa program.
“Our International Football Development Program in the NFL is providing life-changing opportunities for talent and will continue to make an impact on the league this season and in seasons to come.
This is just the beginning, and we look forward to sharing their stories and the game of football with the world.
” There are currently 18 IPP athletes on NFL rosters.
The five players – Jordan Mailata, Jakob Johnson, Efe Obada, Samis Reyes and David Bada – have played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Las Vegas Raiders and Washington Commanders since the program’s inception in 2017.
Players will begin training at IMG Academy in the US in January and will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to NFL club scouts in March.
After the rule changes from the 2024 Games, at the end of the training camp, 16 IPP athletes will be placed in the 17th spot (an additional spot reserved for international athletes) on the training squad of 1 of 32 teams.
get a qualification.
Season applies to athletes outside of the United States and Canada.
The 2024 class of the International Player Pathway Program includes:

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