ESPN Analyst Accuses Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Of Flopping….

ESPN Analyst Accuses Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Of Flopping.

The Buffalo Bills and quarterback Josh Allen are preparing for their playoff matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. After years of coming up short and watching the Chiefs win Super Bowls, the Bills are hoping this is their year. Ahead of the matchup, ESPN analyst Mina Kimes accused the star quarterback of flopping.

Josh Allen becomes first Bills player to receive MVP votes since Thurman  Thomas in 1991

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen A Flopper?

Allen is known for getting some favorable roughing-the-passer calls. Despite being almost 240 pounds, he goes down very easily when touched. Kimes went on Dominique Foxworth’s podcast and admitted that she thinks Allen is a flopper. “This is gonna sound like hate. It’s not hate. He flops. I’ll just say it!” Foxworth agreed, adding, “Josh Allen looks like Shaq is flopping.” The increase in penalties called for hitting the quarterback has been a point of contention for many fans. People lament that star players can get those types of calls when the hit isn’t bad.

Lots Of Flopping..,

Kimes indicated it isn’t just Allen who does this. Patrick Mahomes does his share of flopping, as well as all quarterbacks in the league. From a competitive standpoint, if it works, why not do it? At this point in the season, the teams are evenly matched, and you take any advantage you can get. While it might be annoying to the opposing team, Allen, and many others, is using the rule to his advantage.Will the NFL try and curb flopping long term? The NBA has cracked down on it, penalizing players who participate. Will the NFL follow suit?


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