An intimate Joey moment enraged the girlfriend of the..

An intimate Joey moment enraged the girlfriend of the Friends actor, according to her.

An innocent intimate scene between Matt LeBlanc’s Joey and a Friends guest star caused Andre Agassi to storm off the set in anger.

guest star Brooke Shields has spoken about her appearance on the classic sitcom Friends, saying that her scene with Matt LeBlanc as Joey made her boyfriend (tennis legend Andre Agassi) storm out of the recording.

Andre Agassi | IMG Academy

Shields guest starred in the comedy series episode The One After The Super Bowl, which appears in season 2. Shields took on the role of Erika, a women who is stalking Joey because she believes he’s someone else entirely, and a genius.

Joey and Erika go on a date, in a scene where Shields is required to lick LeBlanc’s fingers. Sat in the audience watching the scene take place live was Sheilds’ then boyfriend, Andre Agassi, who apparently had a “petulant” reaction to witnessing his partner act romantically interested in LeBlanc.

Speaking with the The New Yorker, Shields explained, “It was petulant behaviour… In the scene, I’m supposed to lick Joey’s fingers, because they’re the hands of a genius, and I want to devour them, and I’m a nut. He was cute — he was, like, ‘I’ve washed my hands, and they’re all clean’. I was like, ‘I had a mint’.”

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