JUST IN:Whereas the Celtics have played more astute this season, they may utilize Keen right presently…

The group has been in a bit of a funk after a brutal January plan. The homestand begun with a blowout at the hands of the Clippers, taken after by a come-from-behind triumph against the Pelicans, a intestine check win over the Pacers, and a flattening misfortune to the Lakers without LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

And whereas Joe Mazzulla and the players to a man have all said a few form of “everybody features a terrible day at work” to “this happens in an 82-game season,” it’s difficult not to think how Marcus Shrewd would be managing with this droop in the event that he was still in green.

Keen won’t suit up today in his homecoming after being managed to Memphis this summer for Kristaps Porzingis in a three-team exchange. There will unquestionably be a tribute video after he was drafted by Boston and went through nine seasons in his embraced city. It’ll include his unending hustle, courageous deeds of adrenaline junkie defense, the endless winning plays, the teasing of James Solidify into two hostile fouls, how he carried the Celtics in Amusement 6 against the 76ers final year, and his benefit to the community that he cherished so much and cherished him back.

Time does mend all wounds and about eight months evacuated from the bargain, that #36-sized gap in my heart has for the most part scarred up pleasantly. A great cry after Dad broadcaster Eddie Palladino invites him back and Keen rises to his feet and waves to the TD Cultivate loyal will include a few closure, as well.

Be that as it may, remove does make the heart develop fonder. I’m as of now checking the days that Keen by one means or another returns to Boston and wraps up out his career here. It in some cases indeed feels criminal that he’s not portion of this group any longer. He was the primary brick.

It’s difficult to contend that the exchange wasn’t a victory. Since Smart’s takeoff, the Celtics have been the league’s best group at 37-12 with a top-3 offense and defense. But after about a decade of Keen, it’s too not difficult to think around what his nearness would be on this group presently.

He’d likely rank near Al Horford within the pecking arrange as an imperative cog of the turn, but most likely not a starter. To Horford’s credit, he’s grasped the part as a unfaltering ingenious off the seat which even-keeled personality has demonstrated to be important amid this 82-game travel with a championship in intellect. But that wouldn’t be Smart’s stick. Indeed in spite of the fact that he mellowed out in his last two seasons with the Celtics, he continuously played with a unsafe energy (energy for threat, maybe) for the amusement. For superior or more awful, I miss that. It gave each amusement, particularly at the Plant, a small additional juice.


At the time of the exchange, Keen was the longest tenured Celtic that bridged the crevice between the Brad Stevens time to nowadays. More vitally, he served as a guide to Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Numerous veterans, especially at Smart’s position, came through Boston, but it wasn’t until Savvy got to be the beginning point protect did the team really top within the postseason with a trip to the Finals in 2022. That was seven a long time within the making.

Boston Celtics v Memphis Grizzlies

Of late, Mazzulla has talked around a sense of “entitlement” with this group as they bargain with a few boredom at Diversion #50. This isn’t to recommend that Savvy wasn’t susceptible to the mid-season laziness, as well. Be that as it may, he never appeared to require winning for allowed. He held up a long time to urge his chance in Boston and he ran with it. Tragically, that opportunity won’t materialize for him this year in Memphis either. But ideally seeing Savvy today will offer assistance shake his previous group out of their funk and serve as a update that these minutes are not as it were uncommon, but can be taken absent from you immediately.

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