JUSTIN:Celtic’s Pittodrie Starter Must Be Permanently…

Celtic’s Pittodrie Starter Must Be Permanently Dropped.

There is now extremely little room for error as Celtic attempts to retain their championship. With a trophy-filled cabinet and a rich history, expectations are always extremely high for this team. Unfortunately, Greg Taylor’s terrible injury has clouded the team’s hopes for the January transfer window, especially in the left-back position. Alexandro Bernabei, an Argentinean defender whose recent displays have been disappointing, steps in to fill the void.

Aberdeen 3 Celtic 1' – wishful thinking from Sky Sports after win at  Pittodrie

Assigned to replace Taylor, Bernabei has so far found it difficult to adjust to the demands of Scottish football. His contributions—or lack thereof—have been blatantly apparent in the last two games. His mistakes against Aberdeen were not insignificant slip-ups; rather, they were major mistakes that led directly to the goal scored by the opposition. Due to his poor passing and crossing skills as well as his lack of positional awareness, Bernabei’s appropriateness for Celtic’s fast-paced style of play has come under scrutiny.

It is beginning to appear that Celtic’s management made a serious error in judgment by choosing not to add to their left-back alternatives during the January transfer window. Given that the league title is at stake, this error may have far-reaching consequences. Brendan Rodgers has a conundrum. Continuing to play Bernabei runs the risk of further points being given up, something Celtic cannot afford. However, the alternatives don’t exactly seem promising. Celtic’s lack of depth is glaringly obvious, as natural right-back Anthony Ralston is the only substitute for injured B team left defender Mitchell Frame.

This predicament is not just a reflection of a failed transfer strategy but a broader issue of squad planning and management. The possibility of deploying Ralston out of position is a stop-gap solution at best, underscoring a glaring oversight in ensuring positional coverage and depth in the squad.

As things stand, Celtic’s vulnerabilities are laid bare for all to see. The once impenetrable fortress that won the treble nine months ago seems to have developed cracks, not just on the pitch but in the strategic planning off it. The implications of these oversights are not just immediate but could have lasting effects on the team’s ambitions and confidence.

Alexandro is a symptom, not a cause of Celtic’s ills, but if you see him in the starting XI on Wednesday night and beyond, you should be concerned.

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