awful news: three players were traded as a result of…….

Chad Reuter, a draft analyst for, just released his most recent mock draft, in which he predicted five transactions to occur in the first round. With it, he made it the Bears’ most perfect draft day ever.

Reuter made the move with the first pick, selecting USC quarterback Caleb Williams, as everyone anticipated the Bears would do. This is his justification for moving to acquire Williams.

“Williams’ combination of physical tools and natural feel for the position point to an excellent NFL career,” Reuter stated. Williams will carefully consider his choices while on the move and gain yards as a rusher if no targets are available, which defensive coordinators will detest even if they are able to hide their coverages.

This is where it starts to get interesting. The Heisman Trophy winner from LSU, Jayden Daniels, is projected by Reuter to be the No. 2 pick and the Commanders’ first choice.

He predicts that the Bears will trade their ninth overall pick to the Patriots in order to advance to the third pick. And what do they exchange for that? That’s accurate. Fields Justin. In return, the Bears also receive more.

“In my forecast, the Bears send Fields to New England,” Reuter reported. “The Patriots would swap first-round selections with Chicago this year and also give up a 2024 fourth-round pick and a conditional 2025 pick in the deal, similar to the trade between the Packers and Jets for Aaron Rodgers last year.”

Naturally, since their future quarterback is set, they give him the best weapon in the draft.

“The Bears take the Patriots’ trade compensation package for Fields to get a future star receiver to make Williams’ transition to the NFL easier,” Reuter stated. “Harrison has room to grow at the next level, but his size/speed combination, body control and elusiveness with the ball in his hands are already tough for corners to handle.”

Without a doubt, Harrison Jr. is the top wide receiver in the draft as well as the best player overall. Whether Williams is a quarterback with generational talent is a matter of debate. However, at this point, Harrison Jr.’s potential doesn’t seem to be raising many red flags.

Harrison Jr. concluded the previous two seasons at Ohio State with at least 14 touchdowns and more than 1,200 yards. DJ Moore, who completed last season with Fields with over 1,300 yards and his greatest career season, would be a great complement to his 6-foot-3, 220-pound size.

When everything is taken into account, Fields’ trade package is perfect since he can draft Harrison Jr. in exchange for additional Day 3 picks. Reuter projects that the Patriots will select Olumuyiwa Fashanu, an offensive tackle from Penn State, with the ninth overall choice. The Patriots recruit a reliable backup to safeguard their new quarterback in light of the possibility that Trent Brown could leave.

Could the Patriots take this on  A better question would be, would they rather take Fields over the opportunity to select Daniels or Drake Maye of North Carolina?

It will unquestionably be a legendary performance from Ryan Poles if this is how the Bears draft plays out.

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