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The NFL Scouting Combine for 2024 is approaching, against popular belief. Almost two weeks from now, more than 300 of the best prospects eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft will converge on downtown Indianapolis for a demanding week of medical exams, physical testing, and interviews.

NFL Combine 2024: Full list of 321 prospects set to attend and participate  - Acme Packing Company

Contrary to some claims, the event will still take place in Indianapolis in 2023. This year will not be the last. Since its contract with Indianapolis expired this year, it had seemed as though the NFL was determined to move the Combine to a larger market, possibly bringing it closer to the greater Dallas area or the league’s primary operating area in Los Angeles. Indianapolis would suffer a significant loss in that situation. The NFL media and team executives, including coaches and general managers, have traditionally favored Indianapolis. The NFL did, however, agree to a one-year extension that would run through the 2025 Combine, guaranteeing that the venue will remain reasonably central for this year and the following.

Few cities can equal the special benefits that Indianapolis has to offer as a city. There’s an NFL stadium, a sizable convention center, a vast hotel network connected by skywalks, and a significant university hospital system nearby for medical needs. It also provides a fairly accessible downtown area with plenty of restaurants and pubs, making it an ideal central location for all of the formal activities.

Coaches, general managers, media, and draft prospects are frequently spotted strolling around the city during the week. In fact, just the previous year, the APC contingent in attendance had to assist future Packers draft pick Lukas Van Ness in returning to his hotel after he misplaced his keycard.

On Wednesday, February 28th, player media interviews will begin, followed by on-field workouts on Thursday. This year, 321 players are scheduled to participate in the event throughout the course of the week. Here’s a look at each player confirmed to attend, broken down by position.

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