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The second day of the 2024 All-Star Weekend festivities took place on Saturday, and it was undoubtedly a historic night for the NBA as the greatest shooter in history and the most lethal gunslinger now playing in the W squared off in a historic 3-point shootout.

Jacob Toppin snubbed in bid to win Slam Dunk contest like his brother did

In the 3-point and Slam Dunk competitions, both Jacob Toppin and Larenzann Brunson of the New York Knicks missed their opportunity to create history and advanced to the championship game.

Before the festivities on Saturday took place inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, these are the remarks made by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Brunson.

“I’ve always felt that I could give it my all if given the chance. Although I didn’t know I would be at All-Star Weekend, I did know that I would be able to do something in the future.

“I’ve always worked to be the best player I can be in all aspects of my game, even since I was a young child.”

Regarding assuming a more prominent role in New York and spearheading the Knicks from the esteemed point guard spots.

Jacob Toppin snubbed in bid to win Slam Dunk contest like his brother did

“Knowing the role I play is more crucial. You work on things and stash them away until you’re truly in need of them. But, I believe that the most crucial thing is maturing and discovering my place in the team’s victory.

It’s incredible to witness the city’s response and how they have welcomed me. Growing up, I was around the league, and I always imagined myself in this position. Now here I am.

Regarding how his family and instructors enabled him to become the superstar he is this season…

“I believe that the slogan of being the underdog is something that was picked in the second round. There have been times when you have been kind of ignored in one manner or another. It’s a mentality issue to be able to put in whatever it takes to get to the next level. I had the good fortune to grow up with parents that instilled that way in me.

Regarding getting ready and exercising for the 3-point game during All-Star Weekend…

You only need to work on your off-rack shooting technique. The strangest part, in my opinion, is that you have to return to defense after watching your follow-through go in, not having time to stay there and wait. You are simply a boom-boom.

Knicks Bulletin: “I guess Jacob needed to jump over the shot clock“ -  Posting and Toasting

It seems cool to me. It’s a distinct experience and a distinct kind of competition, but competition nevertheless at the end of the day.

Regarding the Knicks’ second half of the season and their prospects after adding new players and having players return from injury…

“I believe that to be quite significant. We obviously want everyone back, and in my opinion—especially with the new people we have coming in—Alec Burgks, who has experience with both Thibs and Bojan, will help us ensure that he understands precisely what we’re doing on both sides of the ball.

All we need to do is get ready to travel. We must never lose sight of the consequences. We must have the same priorities and frame of mind. And we’ll manage it. Every day, we’ll discover a method to grow better. That is our sole objective.

Regarding his growth from joining the Association as a second-round selection to currently managing a prestigious team…

“It never ends. You have to adapt to the situation. It is impossible to predict exactly what you will do or how the game will unfold in advance.

“I always strive to be aggressive in order to create opportunities for myself and my teammates.” Discover how to cause the defense to crumble so that you may recognize opportunities for both yourself and other people.


“It’s a good mix, but I believe the most crucial aspect of it is to constantly be attacking, whether it’s to score, make sure the opposition is pressed, or just to inspire confidence in your teammates. It’s a common belief that assists may encourage teammates to participate, but I believe it’s more crucial to instill confidence in them and let them know that they can do the tasks they perform every night. I thus attempt to do it as much as.

Best tale about Thibs before I played for him? It’s not really a narrative, but when people see Thibs from a distance, they assume he’s just a loudmouth who plays hoops all the time—which is exactly what he is—but he’s also a genuinely kind man off the court. He’s a genuinely kind guy who’s excellent to have a chat with and get to know.

Regarding his coaching by Jay Wright at Villanova and the unique qualities of the Wildcats, which also include teammates Donte DiVincenzo and Josh Hart…

“I believe Coach Wright prioritizes the team.” Thus, put the team first and adopt the appropriate mindset for the position you play. We have all played various roles at Villanova during the course of our stay there, in my opinion.

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