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There are plenty of choices available to cover the Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback position. Atlanta will make a fresh start under center in 2024, regardless of whether they choose to move up in the NFL Draft, hold onto their position at No. 8, explore their options as a free agency, or hijack a deal.

Who it will be is the only question.

Atlanta Falcons' Justin Fields Trade Rumors 'Building Buzz', Says Insider -  Sports Illustrated Atlanta Falcons News, Analysis and More

Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears is the quarterback who has been associated with the Falcons the most. The Bears have the first selection and the chance to start the rookie contract clock over after three seasons of lackluster play. Fields is anticipated to be sent to a team in limbo after displaying glimpses of explosive skill.

Jordan Schultz stated on the Zach Gelb Show, “I think that the Falcons, there is absolutely a building buzz among the NFL that the Falcons would be in play for Justin Fields.” “It’s obvious that he was raised in Gainesville, Georgia.”

In addition to being born and raised in Georgia, Fields attended the local Georgia Bulldogs school before transferring to Ohio State. Now, a chance to return home may match an extraordinarily gifted athlete with the sort of tools he was missing in Chicago.

“There’s something about a backfield shared by him and Bijan Robinson that really gets me fired up when I think about Atlanta with Justin Fields,” Schultz stated. “It’s possible, and it has the potential to be something really special,”

Despite the fact that Fields lacks the explosiveness of Michael Vick from two decades ago, his unique type of athleticism makes him stand out from quarterbacks like Desmond Ridder, who ran for 193 yards and five touchdowns in 2023. Though inconsistent passing results somewhat offset his influence, his propensity to force defenders to fight for every stop makes him a useful weapon.

It takes two to trade, of course, but Schultz is optimistic that Chicago will move on from Fields after three seasons. Fields’ growth probably would have bought him some time with other teams, but things are different when there are many of quarterback prospects who are considered blue-chip possibilities.

“I believe Chicago is in a position where they will most likely start over, select Caleb Williams as the first pick, add another wide receiver to help D.J. Moore, and then assemble their team,” Schultz stated. However, they have a lot of requirements.

“And based on what I understand, Fields right now likely commands a late first-round pick, so you can get a good deal for him and hopefully give him the opportunity to start over somewhere else.”

Is Arthur Smith attempting to force the Steelers to forfeit the Justin Fields trade sweepstakes?

The Falcons’ first-round selection from the next season, their second-round pick, or something in between may need to be dealt. A hefty price request can compel them to give up to another veteran, or

The benefit that goes along with it is also.

“I continue to think that Justin Fields has such a strong skill set, and with the right coordinator and system, he could be a very special quarterback,” Schultz stated. “It hasn’t been there for him.”

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