Wife of Rams player, lashes out Lions supporters who booed her…

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, chastised Detroit Lions fans for booing her children in Sunday night’s playoff game.

The Lions won the game 24-23, their first playoff win since 1992. Kelly Stafford expressed her support for the supporters of the team her husband used to play for, but she was not pleased with the boos from some of the squad members.

It’s sports. The city hopes to win. Everything is fair game. Except for the people who booed my children, I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the booing just fueled my husband’s fire,” she stated on Instagram Stories on Monday.

“The more you love, the more you hate.” I regard all love to be reciprocal. And now that we’re gone, I hope the Lions bring home a Lombardi to that city because the feeling is unlike any other. “Go get it.”

Matthew Stafford was hoping to gain an advantage against the Los Angeles Rams, who had traded him for Jared Goff. Stafford, who has a ring on his resume with the Rams, has never won a playoff game.

Lions supporters even booed him as he walked onto Ford Field, but he handled it in stride.

I am thrilled for the players. When asked if he was delighted for Detroit, the quarterback responded, “I’m happy for those guys.”


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