NEWS FLASH: Reasons Why Texas Arrogance Kept Hogs Out…



There’s a good chance the Beavers will be out of the Pac-12 next February when the University of Arkansas takes on Oregon State in the Kubota University Baseball Series in Arlington, Texas.
It’s not because they’re probably going to fly to a new conference.
The Pac 12 will never exist yet.
Three of his most valuable materials from the conference will soon be gone.
The University of Southern California and UCLA left for the Big Ten, and Colorado State began packing up Deion Sanders to leave town for the Big 12, taking home his remaining TV money.
This sent members of the Pac 12 into chaos.
Utah, Airzona, and Arizona State appear to have ongoing offers to join the Big 12 Conference, which is currently being considered as they plan to expand from Connecticut to the West Coast.
Meanwhile, Oregon Street, Washington State, California, and Stanford were left behind and fought to the death over which two schools would remain.
In the end, Cal and Stanford agreed to fly to New Jersey and South Florida to play in the ACC rather than stay here and try to piece together the cash-strapped, glorified Mountain West Conference.
Oregon and Washington streets are where Arkansas would have been many years ago if it weren’t for Frank Broyles, Eddie Sutton, and Nolan Richardson.
It’s like Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch” in that tear-jerking outfit.
A scene where he keeps saying “I’m lost” alone in the forest.
Both schools have been left without a meeting that everyone recognizes.
It’s likely that at some point they will negotiate an agreement that will be officially accepted by Mountain West schools under the Pac 12 banner because, frankly, they have nowhere else to go.
It’s ironic, given that the Aztecs will be begging San Diego State to take over a team that has struggled to join the Pac-12, with both teams embarrassing themselves in public.
Arkansas fans should be aware of the plight of the Beavers and Cougars.
It would have been the Razorbacks if Broyles hadn’t been proactive, or if Roy Kramer hadn’t been actively looking for a school to add to his basketball resume while offering Kentucky a challenge.
Fans can’t help but wish that Arkansas had chosen the Big 12 because it would have been easier to compete on the football field, but that was never an option.
Texas leaves Arkansas.
The Razorbacks were supposed to be ruled out in the cold as the Longhorns’ final farewell throw.
Broyles knew this was happening behind the scenes and that the Razorbacks were scheduled to be combined with TCU, Houston, SMU and Rice as homeless schools.
The Longhorns decided in 1984 when the Television Rights Court ruled that it was best for them to leave the Southwest Conference.
The conference, which was all about Texas with a touch of Arkansas, didn’t have a diverse television market to compete with the rest of the world, and University of Texas President Bill Cunningham knew that.
The main goal was the Pac-10.
Cunningham was visited in Washington, D.C.
by University of Georgia President Charles Knapp.
A year before Arkansas State announced its whirlwind relationship with the league, it had been approached about joining the SEC.
Fortunately for the Razorbacks, Cunningham decided to take a look at Texas and Texas A&M’s interest in the Big Ten and Pac-10.


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