SAD NEWS: Lakers’ LeBron James loses his mind over…

Lakers’ LeBron James loses his mind over Kyrie Irving’s insane layup vs. Suns.

Even LeBron James was impressed…

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was simply in disbelief by what Kyrie Irving just pulled off during the Dallas Mavericks’ win against the Phoenix Suns on Thursday.

For those who missed it, Irving undoubtedly had the play of the day when he attacked the rim past three defenders and finished with an insane layup over Eric Gordon. What made it even more spectacular was the fact that the Mavericks guard switched hands mid-air in order to avoid getting blocked.

After seeing Kyrie Irving’s tough finish, LeBron James quickly took it to social media to heap praise on his former teammate. The Lakers superstar expressed could only be amazed by the wild move, noting that he thought Irving finished it with his left hand, only to see the replays displaying the star guard changing hands while on air and finishing the move with his right hand.

“OMG!!!!! At first glance I thought he it with the left, which would have still be tough but switching hands is OFD!!!!!!!” LeBron wrote on his Instagram Story.

No one can blame James for being that stunned, though. To be fair, it’s not only James who was left dumbfounded by Irving’s scoring display. Many fans even needed a second or third look (probably even more) just to get a better grasp of what Irving just pulled off.

Irving finished the night with 29 points in the Mavericks’ 123-113 victory. Luka Doncic starred for Dallas with a near triple-double of 41 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists. But true enough, Irving had the most memorable play.

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