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The Atlanta Falcons find themselves in a dilemma as the offseason gets underway.

Falcons Dilemma: Trade for Higher Pick or Fields? | Arena |  gwinnettdailypost.com

ve to choose their quarterback strategy in the upcoming weeks, and they have a few alternatives.

They probably won’t be able to choose the top quarterback in the class with the eighth overall choice in the NFL Draft. It is anticipated that Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and Caleb Williams may go before then. The Falcons aren’t in the business of choosing the fourth-best quarterback in the draft, even though J.J. McCarthy may be available at No. 8.

Cam Marino, an NFL Draft expert, believes that the Falcons are most likely to choose Maye, the “apple of their eye,” in this way. At the NFL Combine the following week, they will get to see these quarterbacks in person and assess if they can pass the interview process.

The Falcons will have around two weeks to determine if they must make a trade up in the draft with the Washington Commanders at No. 2, the Chicago Bears at No. 1, or the New England Patriots at No. 3. All three of those clubs, though, may consider selecting a top quarterback in the draft themselves.

Consequently, they may decide to sign a veteran such as Kirk Cousins or Russell Wilson if the market isn’t favourable to them.

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But the Bears have the upper hand as the Combine approaches. They have two options: either they keep Fields and give the selection to the highest bidder, or they maintain Fields and select Williams. There, the Commanders and Patriots may work things out and establish what their goals are with quarterbacks.

It’s not the best position to work from, but those are the cards the Falcons have been dealt, and they will have to respond to whatever the teams who are selected before them in the draft do in order to create their plans.

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