Los Angeles Lakers Unexpected Awful News Signed By LeBron James Leaved NBA…

LeBron James defended his son Bronny’s declining ranking in a recently disclosed NBA mock draft on social media, but ESPN analyst Shannon Sharpe claimed the Los Angeles Lakers star must take some of the blame for the criticism aimed at the young college athlete.

In regards to the father and son, Sharpe stated, “The comparison was going to be there.” But LeBron needs to use caution. When…You may comment, “Well, he’s better than some players in the NBA,” when Bronny performs well. Considering that others will recall what you say.

And I realise that’s his son. But you must use caution in that regard.Since they’re like, “Hold on.” Give it a minute. Is a high school student as talented as NBA players?

You could have made the claim that LeBron was on par with certain NBA players when he was a senior in high school. And you would have been entirely correct. But it’s different since Bronny doesn’t have his dad’s stature or athleticism.

Sharpe is probably not the only one who recalls the elder James bragging on social media a year or two ago that his kid was superior to some NBA players. Shaquille O’Neal supported James’ opinion at the time, and Richard Jefferson had stated before that in October 2022, when the younger James would have been a senior in high school, he would be the Lakers’ second-best shooter.

Those opinions don’t appear to have held up that well over time, and other factors have undoubtedly changed the younger James’s prospective career trajectory.

Before suffering a heart attack that postponed the start of his collegiate career at the University of Southern California this season, the 19-year-old was projected by ESPN to be a first-round choice in the 2024 NBA Draft.

That being said, his rookie campaign has fallen short of many people’s expectations for such a highly heralded recruit. With 19 games played, the younger James is averaging 5.5 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game while mostly serving as a bench for a squad that now has an 11-16 record.

In their mock draft for 2025, ESPN has him ranked as the 39th overall selection after removing him from its estimates for the 2024 draft. The elder James responded in social media remarks that have since been removed.

He wrote, “Can you guys just let the kid be a kid and enjoy college basketball.” Whatever he chooses to do, in the end, the work and the outcomes will speak for itself. You guys may be unaware that he just WORKS, regardless of what a mock draft says! Earned Not Assigned.

The younger James still has the option to enter the 2024 NBA draft, which would allow him to play alongside his father. He may possibly decide to play one more season before attempting to join the league. According to reports, the Lakers are willing to consider signing the younger James in an effort to please his famous father.

Regardless of the decision made by the younger James, his father will surely show his support.

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