Good News: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Have New Contract Signed To Take Over…

Alexandra Davis claimed that Jerry Jones was her real father back in 2022. Years later, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys has been ordered by the court to undergo a paternity test in order to establish whether or not the 27-year-old lady is his kid.

Davis claims that in order to dispel any question about Jones’ paternity, she went after this allegation. Although the paternity claim was not addressed when it was initially made over two years ago, the latter’s side has requested the court to dismiss the lawsuit.Ezoic Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Davis’ complaint, Jones had a romantic involvement with his mother Cynthia Davis, an American Airlines ticket counter worker in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1996, Alexandra was born.

Davis and her mother reached a compromise, per court records, whereby the owner of the Cowboys promised to assist her as long as she didn’t name him as the father.

Gene and Jones were joined in marriage in 1963. Three of the couple’s kids work in front office positions with the team. Jones is the general manager and team president of the Cowboys, a club that just lost badly to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

Not so long ago, a judge mandated that Jones undergo a paternity test to establish his fatherhood. Davis’ attorney, Kris Hayes, affirmed the decision in a CBS report:

Davis’s lawyer, Kris Hayes, stated, “Today was a huge victory for many families.” “The judge’s decision demonstrates that having wealth and influence does not provide one an immunity from the law. Alex will hopefully be able to find the tranquility she has always deserved now that she is free to speak her truth. Alex is a bright light who ought to be acknowledged as such.

We have contacted Jones’ team to inquire about the situation in the interim. Regarding the court’s recent decision, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys has not issued a comment or provided any updates.

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