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With just a game remaining in their season, Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers were poised to win their 38th game and even the series with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. The fourth quarter then began.

The Clippers, who had led by 21 points at one point in the fourth quarter, were defeated by a final-quarter score of 39–16 and dropped their third straight game. The loud and enthusiastic Lakers crowd, who had just witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory, overpowered the stunned Clippers supporters at Crypto.com Arena.

In addition to his team-high 26 points, Kawhi Leonard also had seven rebounds and six assists. But LeBron James, who ended with a game-high 34 points, six rebounds, and eight assists, was the real deal that night. James scored 19 points in the fourth quarter on his own, outscoring the Clippers 19–16. In the last quarter, James went 7–12 from the field. He also made 5 of 8 three-pointers.

Even if LeBron’s heroics were amazing, the Clippers’ collapse is necessary for this result to occur. In his news conference following the game, head coach Tyronn Lue promptly accepted responsibility for the defeat.

“We went up in the second half, but we turned the ball over and failed to recover in transition. LeBron, of course, got things going at that point, and we weren’t very coordinated offensively. I accept full responsibility for the fact that we were disorganized and did not complete tasks that were assigned to us. Just checking to make sure we’re prepared and aware of our responsibilities. And as I already mentioned, LeBron burst out.

“Tonight, it was essentially our fault,” Kawhi Leonard remarked following the defeat. “We dominated the game for the better part of the first three quarters, but in the second half we became a little sluggish and gave up a few turnovers, which they took advantage of. We need to improve and get back into the game if we give the ball over because I believe they scored about 20 points in the second half off of only nine mistakes.

Even though James Harden scored 23 points, grabbed three rebounds, and dished out nine assists, the Lakers’ stunning comeback in the fourth quarter saw him limited to just two points. The Clippers’ 1-3 record following the All-Star break cannot be disregarded in light of the defeat.

In short, there was a little bit of everything, according to James Harden. “A little bit of everything, injuries are a part of it, but the season is long.” As much as you would like to, winning every game is obviously unattainable. Try to concentrate on each game individually, then. And then, possession by possession, much smaller than that. Although I believe we performed very well throughout the game, tonight was undoubtedly difficult. Watch the movie, improve, and get ready for the next round.

The Clippers committed 14 turnovers in total during the game, which gave the Lakers 30 points off turnovers. The Clippers also gave up 31 fast-break points in addition to that.

“Transition, I believe,” Kawhi Leonard continued. “Even though our transition defense ranking was 27th and we had a 26-5 record. That is what we have to do. We must return, converse, and communicate, and we must enter the game with the intention of stopping the opposing team.

The Washington Wizards visit the Clippers on Friday night, providing a considerably easier challenge. Whether Paul George or Ivica Zubac will be able to suit up is still a mystery.

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