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The Bears only need to point to see what’s in store for them. Caleb Williams is his name, and he’s cool with it. I mean, being a Bear.

There was a rumor circulating that it was uncertain if the Southern California quarterback, who was the current selection pick, wanted to add his regrets to the list of grievances shared by Bears quarterbacks.

Williams reassures those who are interested that the idea of playing quarterback for the Bears is “exciting,” but then again, so is putting your fingers in a light socket—not that I’d advise anyone to attempt that at home.

“They have a strong defense. When questioned about the Bears, Williams responded, “They have good players on offense.” It’s unclear from his point of view, but it’s safe to infer that he’s heard reports that the Bears are creating something special—more of an echo than a rumor, really.

If you can get into a position like that, it’s quite thrilling, he remarked.

Despite having only visited Chicago once, Williams told ESPN that it is his sort of town. Walter Payton and Michael Jordan are the two sports legends that most guests to this area are familiar with.

“Being in a city like that, with legends you’ve looked up to, is appealing,” he remarked. The tales, as they say, never die. Being eternal is my aim. My goal is to experience the feeling of being a legend.

If my reading of Williams’ comments from ESPN is accurate, immortality does seem a bit much. Maybe beating the Packers would be a more realistic objective.

How much does he know? What are our current knowledge bases? Even while it’s unclear if Williams will be the Bears’ selection, the Fields-O-Meter does appear to be leaning in Justin’s direction. Thanks for all the thrills, Justin.

Let’s say this about Fields: he was a quarterback who belonged to a certain generation, as Williams is expected to be, albeit it has never been obvious which generation. Fields was a bundle of potential who was patient, obedient to a fault, and had faith that the Bears would find a coach for him. He was not and probably never will be a successful NFL quarterback since injuries are always a possibility.

What about Williams, then? Thanks to Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow, he won the Heisman Trophy, albeit it wasn’t awarded with the same weight or prominence as it formerly did.

Not that it should be seen as a disclaimer, but Williams’ last season of college was a little disappointing. For example, Patrick Mahomes was 5-7 in his last season at Texas Tech, which undoubtedly contributed to the Bears selecting Mitch Trubisky over him.

I don’t see the same excitement among the public for Williams that accompanied Fields, who was first seen as a fresh perspective on an old problem. Perhaps it’s because Williams worked for a squad too arrogant to care about while he was stationed in a distant time zone. So, everything needs to be believed. Williams refused to even take his temperature or work out when he was in Indianapolis.

Williams is behaving casually. The Bears are being classy. No one is committing to anything; instead, they are savoring the wave of interest that might never reach this height again. Matt Eberflus is still a competent coach, and Ryan Poles is a maestro.  is no longer relevant. Tomorrow is Caleb Williams.Justin Fields

However, as we all know, being the next quarterback for the Bears is like to receiving an amuse-bouche; while it may seem impressive, you will always wonder, “Is that all there is?”

In other words, the next Bears quarterback is like the newest smartphone—you have to get one now even if you know a new model will come out in a few years.

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