Just In :Five Players to Keep an Eye on  the Offense Line….

Just In :Five Players to Keep an Eye on  the Offense Line….

The offensive line is a position that the Ravens have recognized as needing improvement this summer, and there is a ton of talent on the offensive line in the 2024 NFL draft.

This game may result in Baltimore selecting offensive linemen with numerous choices. The following five prospects may be of interest to the Ravens:

Positives: Barton may play center or guard in the NFL, but he most recently played left tackle for Duke and could be skilled enough to stick there. Scouts commend his foundations and footwork, and he is quite versatile. With every season, technique improved even more. Barton is the sort of reliable player who may have a lengthy career; he has a lot of excellent stuff on film.

What they’re saying is that “Boston may lose both of its starting offensive guards, even if Eric DeCosta hasn’t been confined by necessity. Barton is among the most pro-ready blockers available because of his technical refinement. He played left tackle at Duke but will probably wind up at guard or center.

Positives: Beebe has a tendency to tackle opponents at the line of scrimmage. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and 335 pounds, he was a formidable force at left guard for Kansas State, possessing the dexterity to be a useful pulling guard during inside rushes. Beebe would suit the Ravens’ preference for a tough front-line player.

What they’re saying: “The Ravens may view Beebe as a younger version of Kevin Zeitler, who is expected to enter free agency, but he will need to demonstrate his athleticism at the NFL Scouting Combine. Beebe demonstrated this ability last season, switching between left guard and both tackle places in a single game—a feat not many collegiate lineman can match.”

Positives: Haynes proved he was one of the best offensive line prospects by dominating in one-on-one drills during a fantastic week at the Senior Bowl. He was the offensive lineman the Huskies typically ran behind in crucial circumstances while he was playing right guard.

What they’re saying: “He’s worth late first-round cash for clubs looking for an offensive guard. With his schematic adaptability and impact starting potential, he would be a great value acquisition in the second and third rounds. Although he might try switching to the center, his most comfortable position is where he translates best: Watch out. With his near-34″ arms, 6’2 1/2” height, and 318 pounds, Haynes possesses an exceptional blend of natural leverage, bulk, and proportionate length. He can manage repetitions in pass protection with to his physical makeup and raw strength, but he also possesses the elite explosiveness, flexibility, and power output to be a game-changing player in the run game.

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