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Josh Jacobs, a running back, will not be eligible to test free agency if the Las Vegas Raiders decide against using the franchise tag on him in the near future. This might imply that he will be free to explore his options in free agency. The organization doesn’t seem to be planning to offer him a contract before he becomes a free agent.

While there are many teams in need of a running back, Jacobs must be among the best. At just 26, he led the NFL in 2022 with 1,652 running yards. Additionally, he has not had to cope with any severe injury problems. Although there is a chance the Raiders may re-sign Jacobs, Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox projects the player will sign a three-year, $30 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Jacobs may be interested in accepting an offer from a club other than the Raiders, such as the Dallas Cowboys. Pollard didn’t provide the results Dallas was hoping for in 2023, and Jacobs is precisely the kind of dual-threat, every-down weapon the Cowboys enjoyed in Ezekiel Elliott’s best years,” Knox said in a piece published on February 28.

Dallas has ways to swiftly create cap space even with a $3.2 million cap shortfall. The 2024 numbers of Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb might be reduced by extensions, while $9.5 million in cap space could be saved by releasing Michael Gallup with a post-June 1 designation. Zamir White probably impressed the Raiders sufficiently by the end of 2023 that they decided not to spend for Jacobs.

Running back is needed by the Cowboys since Tony Pollard is a free agency. The Dallas offense would get a lot of energy from Jacobs. In the event that the Raiders choose not to re-sign the running back, this is a very real possibility.
One of the Best RBs in Free Agency Is Josh Jacobs

This offseason, a number of highly regarded running backs, including Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, and others, will become free agents. Although there are many alternatives available for teams in need of a running back, it appears that two stand out above the others.

In a March 5 X article, Dianna Russini of The Athletic stated that Barkley and Jacobs are without a doubt the best two choices available in free agency.

Talks with several teams indicate that Barkley and Jacobs are at the top of FA RB lists, with Henry, Swift, and Pollard following. Nevertheless, others would prefer to pay second-tier players about $6 million as opposed to paying Jacobs and Barkley more than $10 million. See you later.

The Raiders will have competition if they choose to re-sign Jacobs since it seems like there other teams interested in him.

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