Just In: Why Alex Anthopoulos general manager of the Braves wants players to steal away…

After losing to the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLDS for the second straight year, general manager Alex Anthopoulos and the Atlanta Braves are getting ready for a high-pressure 2024 MLB season. Despite the fact that Ronald Acuña Jr., the reigning NL MVP, is healthy and back in the Braves lineup thanks to Anthopolous, Anthopoulos continues to openly urge the superstar to be a little more cautious in the upcoming season.

Recently, Anthopoulos explained why, in 2024, he would rather want to see Acuña be a little less aggressive while pursuing stolen bases.

“I mean, 40 home runs and 70 stolen bases—it’s fantastic, right? You worry about stolen bases at work. As stated by Anthopoulos on YouTube, “You get a finger, you get a hand, and you get a wrist, but that’s the way he plays, that’s who he is.” “This man is a baseball enthusiast; forget about his MVP status and other accolades. You may find anything online and on the internet. He enjoys playing the game, and he plays in leagues and parks throughout the winter. That’s the nature of his play; that’s the enthusiasm he brings to the game.

True, Ronald Acuña Jr.’s exceptional rate of base-stealing accounts for much of his excellence, but these plays may be risky, particularly when they accumulate over the course of a season. In just a few short weeks, the Braves will play their first game in 2024 in Philadelphia against the Phillies.
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