SIGNING NEWS: Unexpected Good News Bills Head Coach Have Suddenly Signed Denver Broncos With Big New Contract…

There are early indications that the safety position may soon become obsolete, akin to running back, with contract values sharply declining, according to recent surprising moves made by the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos.

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott speaks about Stefon Diggs abrupt exit after  Bengals loss | Marca

In the NFL of today, the secondary would seem to be a crucial position. The guys who stop an offense’s best pass catchers should be paid heavily since the game is now more passing-oriented than it has ever been. That idea has some validity, but only to a certain extent.

The market for safety prospects before to 2024 NFL free agency has suddenly been oversupplied with impact players over the past week.

Kevin Byard, a two-time All-Pro, was released by the Philadelphia Eagles during that period. Jordan Poyer, the Buffalo Bills’ defensive anchor, was let go. Eddie Jackson, a two-time Pro Bowler, was let go by the Chicago Bears, while Justin Simmons was unexpectedly dismissed by the Denver Broncos following his second Pro Bowl appearance this past season.

It’s a startling development that seems to have been planned. “I think we’re going to see a trend of teams not willing to overpay for [safety]” in free agency this year, an NFL insider told Jeff Lowe of The Athletic on Friday.

Teams have cut $100 million in contracts for safety during the past several weeks. When free agency begins on March 11, that is $40 million more than any other position. This will be a very favorable market for teams like the Philadelphia Eagles that need to upgrade at safety.

Regretfully, athletes such as Xavier McKinney, a budding star for the New York Giants, are unlikely to receive the first large salary they were hoping for this summer.

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