SUSPENSION: Bryan McClendon Receive Two Weeks Suspended Due To…

SUSPENSION: Bryan McClendon Receive Two Weeks Suspension Due To…

Bryan McClendon, Passing Game Coordinator (FB), Georgia Bulldogs

Head Coach for the Bucs will have to acquaint themselves with a handful of new offensive coordinators. In addition to wide receivers coach Bryan McClendon and offensive line coach Kevin Carberry, the primary offensive coordinator is Liam Coen.

Bryan McClendon has lately worked in the college levels, much like Coen. Nevertheless, before to accepting this new position in Tampa Bay, McClendon, unlike Coen, had no prior NFL coaching experience.

Bryan McClendon may get his first opportunity in the NFL with the Bucs, but he has some solid references from this year’s draft class to help him as he adjusts to new wide outs like Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. In 2020 and 2021, he served as Oregon’s wide receivers coach and coordinator of the passing game before taking over as interim head coach. His next step was to return to Georgia in 2022 and 2023, this time as the wide receivers coach and coordinator of the passing game.

Many prospects who have worked with McClendon in college and are getting ready for the NFL have done so because of his trips. Several of them, including some of the Bulldogs’ best players, were in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine.

After getting a close-up look at Bryan McClendon’s coaching style, Georgia wide receiver Ladd McConkey had nothing but positive things to say about him.

McConkey remarked, “I’ve always said that’s my guy.” “B-Mac is an excellent coach, but his character is much more admirable. Thank you very much for everything he done for me, and I want the best for him.

With the exception of a few quarterbacks who appeared, tight end Brock Bowers was the buzz of Indianapolis. Bowers expressed strong support for McClendon and thinks the wide receiver will be a valuable addition to the Bucs wide receiving group.

“I have no doubt he’ll succeed,” Bowers remarked. “I loved having him around and he helped out a lot. He was awesome at Georgia.”

But Bryan McClendon’s backing extends beyond Georgia.

Troy Franklin, a wide receiver at Oregon, started receiving coaching from McClendon in 2021 as a true freshman and even saw him promoted to head coach. Franklin benefited from McClendon’s early assistance, and the Ducks star has carried over his efforts into following years.

It was quite awesome. Hard worker; he’ll definitely be monitoring his troops to make sure they’re working, Franklin added. “I have no doubt that he will improve that place over there. Definitely.

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