NEWS FROM LAS VEGAS: Russell Wilson Will Only Sign With The Las Vegas Raiders Under One Requirement…

According to a recent rumor, some people close to Russell Wilson are pushing for him to sign an offseason deal with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Although the Raiders have a number of holes to cover coming into the summer, none are more noticeable among their supporters and in the league than the quarterback position. The squad has several extremely talented players on the roster, but their prospects of winning the league’s most crucial position in 2024 may be hampered from the outset if that position is poor.

Because of this, there has been a lot of conjecture regarding the organization’s plans to improve the quarterback position in the upcoming months. The most common plan is for Las Vegas to choose one of the five outstanding top quarterback prospects in this year’s class with their first choice in the April NFL Draft. Another choice, though, is becoming more and more well-liked.

In order to avoid a large contract guarantee they don’t want to pay in 2025, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is anticipated to be released by the organization in the next few days. It seems unlikely that the Seattle Seahawks legend, who had difficulty for the most of the previous two seasons, will be dealt this week. But ahead of his upcoming free agency, he is having meetings with organizations.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants met with the nine-time Pro Bowler on Friday. News of Wilson meeting with the Raiders next is expected to follow those stories. It appears that Wilson’s pals have a favorite location if those three clubs are the front-runners for the quarterback position.

Cecil Lammey, a writer and radio personality for Denver Sports, stated before to this week’s meetings that “I’m told Wilson is being advised to sign with the Raiders by those close to him.” Wilson “does not consider himself a ‘bridge’ quarterback, and he wants his next team to commit to him,” Lammey continued.

The veteran quarterback is anticipated to accept a low-paying contract from his next team because he will be paid $39 million by the Broncos this season. Given that he is offering his next company a significant discount, it makes sense that he would like to have a longer-term strategy than a year. Although Wilson had a terrible rookie year in 2022, he was a productive player for Denver last year.

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