SUSPENSION OCCUR IMMEDIATELY: Four corners head coach suspended and ruled out…

According to ABC, Nicholas Sampson, the headmaster of Sydney’s esteemed Cranbrook School, has resigned in response to a Four Corners story published on Monday.

According to Louise Milligan’s report, there were complaints against an unidentified instructor who was still employed despite there being repeated reports of him sending explicit emails to a former female student.

This week, the instructor remained employed at Cranbrook; however, she is currently on an indefinite leave of absence while an inquiry is conducted.

The school council of Cranbrook convened an emergency meeting on Thursday evening subsequent to learning of the findings. Mr. Sampson was approached by the council and subsequently tendered his resignation.

This is in advance of the boys’ school’s 2026 transition to coeducation, and follows a Four Corners investigation this week that uncovered claims of a poisonous atmosphere at the institution.

“The circumstances of the matter and subsequently Mr. Sampson’s failure to disclose the matter to the current School Council in the context of this week’s ABC Four Corners broadcast, have led to an irreversible breakdown of trust between the Headmaster and the School Council,” the council said in a statement to the school community on Friday morning.

“Mr. Sampson was informed of this by the School Council, and his resignation was received this morning.”

The council expressed its sincere sympathy for the anguish that the current situation has caused to the students, faculty, parents, alumni, and the larger Cranbrook family.

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