News Announcement: A Dallas Cowboys player will not be returning to action due to…..

News Announcement: A Dallas Cowboys player will not be returning to action due to…..


While many Dallas Cowboys supporters are aware that the organization cannot retain every one of its best players, many would have preferred it if the team had taken more steps to keep them on the field.

One team icon has this to say after finding out that Tony Pollard would be joining the Tennessee Titans in 2024. He believes that more might have been done by the organization to persuade the Cowboys’ 2023 top rusher to spend more seasons in Arlington.

Crowd favorite Dez Bryant, who spent the most of his professional career with the Dallas Cowboys, didn’t think twice to vent his dissatisfaction on social media on the team’s treatment of Pollard when he was a member of the team.

According to The Spun’s Matt Hladik, he contended that the young guy might have contributed more if Mike McCarthy had employed him appropriately.

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Bryant added, “Hate to see Pollard go because I feel like he was not utilized correctly.” He’s not your typical downback, but he’s a fantastic change of pace back who has produced huge plays. Zeke was fired an excessive amount of time ago, and Pollard was fired due to poor management. I am excited to see how Dallas’ backfield turns out this season.


Bryant said that Pollard was “literally a WR in the backfield” in a later tweet. In addition, he voiced alarm at a story by NFL Network’s Jane Slater claiming Dallas isn’t interested in signing high-profile free agency running backs like Austin Ekeler and Derrick Henry.

Tony Pollard was one of the Dallas Cowboys’ best rushers in the previous campaign. He finished with 1005 running yards for six touchdowns and four yards per carry in his last season with the team. In addition, he caught 311 yards.

In light of rumors that they aren’t aggressively seeking free-agent running backs, it will be intriguing to watch who steps in to replace Pollard in the Dallas offense come 2024.

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