Unbelievable News: The Miami Hurricanes have expressed regret to their other teams for….

Unbelievable News: The Miami Hurricanes have expressed regret to their other teams for….


The Miami Hurricanes were regarded as the bad boys of college football from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s.

Based on the American Football Database and considering Miami’s explosive ascent from 1983 to 1991, the Hurricanes’ 96-13 record—a remarkable 88.1% winning percentage—provided credence to the obscene on-field remarks.

The Hurricanes had four national titles during that time, coming from the 1983, 1987, 1989, and 1991 campaigns. Miami also almost won the championship in 1988 and 1986.

Part of the reason the Canes are not very popular is that opposing supporters are probably bored of watching Miami win. Josh Pate of CBS Sports podcast mentions that Miami could be the most disliked college football team once more, and there’s still a big reason for it.

Observing an entirely new generation of individuals discover, ‘Wow!’ from Virginia to Nevada and all points in between Like my ancestors, I’ve always hated Miami, even though I had no idea why.”

How Mario Cristobal's return transformed Miami football into a spender  'literally overnight' - ESPN

To be clear, Pate is talking about the younger generation’s hatred of Miami, just like the rival supporters in Miami’s heyday did.

I’m not on board. This is the reason.

boasting, teasing, and outright declaring to everyone that they will prevail. These are a some of the things that the historical Canes were capable of. To suggest that those who were not yet born and could not see Miami at the time were bold would be an understatement. The Hurricanes’ reputation was most likely shaped by one game more than any other.

The Hurricanes had 201 yards and a monstrous 15 penalties from the Cotton Bowl game on January 1, 1991. Those were mostly of the teasing kind. That game presumably inspired some of the current showboating laws, at least in part.

Those times are long gone.

Unlike in the 1980s and early 1990s, taunting is not permitted under college football regulations. Therefore, no matter how much Miami wins, I don’t think it would ever be seen in the same light as it previously was.

To some extent, maybe, but those opinions would probably originate from people who also witnessed Miami’s showboating when it was led by Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson. People under thirty did not live through Miami’s heyday, so I don’t think they would have the same animosity toward Miami as some people who grew up witnessing Miami win titles did.

It makes for an interesting conversation starter whether someone agrees with my interpretation, Pate’s, or something else entirely.

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