Good News: Michael Irvin Touts have just Signed as a new Best player of year…

The Dallas Cowboys’ “If You’re Smart!” Kirk Cousins to the Atlanta Falcons is the best NFL free agent signing, according to Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin has a favorite team, FRISCO. That’s the Dallas Cowboys, the team that the Hall of Famer adores.

With NFL free agency about to begin, Michael Irvin has his own preferred move as well. And he’s certainly going to brag about some big deal he did in Dallas, but there hasn’t actually been one.

Rather, he is all over the record-breaking contract that the Atlanta Falcons signed to lure Kirk Cousins to the NFC South.

“Watch this right now. Watch this season. I’ll give you the early statement right now. The Falcons are going to win the NFC South,” Irvin declared.

Irvin is sure that Cousins, who just inked a $180 million contract to go from Minnesota to Atlanta, would do more for the Falcons than his youthful predecessor Desmond Ridder did to turn them into a division champion.

Atlanta has offensive weapons that make it a real danger. Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Darnell Mooney, a recent addition, are the current members of the roster.

Cousins, 35, was playing well until sustaining an Achilles injury that ended his season in October of last year. He completed 69.5 percent of his throws for 2,331 yards and 18 touchdowns against five interceptions in eight games.

Irvin, who is always full of energy, predicted: “They’re taking over Tampa Bay, even though Tampa signed Baker Mayfield back.” They and Tampa parted last year. Tampa will lose to them this year. The Falcons are my pick to win the South. Seize it immediately if you’re wise.”

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