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The top five players rated by the Philadelphia Phillies in The Show 24 are all names you would expect to see: Trea Turner, Bryce Harper, Aaron Nola, and J.T. Realmuto. The Phillies are so stacked that Kyle Schwarber didn’t even crack the top five; you could easily see him and his 47 home runs in there somewhere. The ridiculous 91 rating that Bryce Harper received will annoy Phillies fans. You can see the top five Phillies ratings below.

Bryce Harper, a seven-time All-Star and 2023 Silver Slugger, has an overall rating of 91? Is this some sort of troll job? Yes, the superstar hitter for the Phillies has struggled with injuries over the past few seasons, but he has survived it all and remains one of the game’s most feared hitters — just ask the Atlanta Braves. Harper is currently 31 years old, but given how he concluded the previous season, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have, at the very least, a mid-90s rating.

Following Tommy John surgery in 2023, the new first baseman quickly returned to full strength and helped lead the Phillies to become one of the league’s most formidable offenses in the last two months of the season. The two-time MVP’s second-half statistics are right on target: a.296 batting average, a.996 OPS, 18 home runs, 49 RBI, and six stolen bases for a wRC+ of 164.

Trea Turner is great, but Harper need to at least match his 92. The majority of Phillies supporters would undoubtedly concur that he truly deserves to be rated in the high 90s.

In relation to the best players in the game, how does Harper’s rating stack up? Let’s examine this.

Yes, that makes sense—those evaluations appear to fit. But going into 2024, where should Harper rank among the best players in the league? Harper can compete with the greatest in baseball when he is being Harper.

There is no reason he should be ranked lower than any of the players shown above if we compare his second half, when he was back to being Bryce Harper, with the top hitters in Major League Baseball. After the All-Star break, his 164 wRC+ is tied for eighth best with Aaron Judge’s 99 rating.

Harper seems to be paying a price for his wounds. However, Yordan Alvarez, who has struggled with injuries all of his career, manages to glide by with a 96 rating. Make sense of it.

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