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Boulaye Dia was interested in signing with Wolves last summer, but he finally decided to stay at Salerintana. However, things have become so bad that the striker is supposedly not going to be selected for the remainder of the season.

After failing to get Che Adams from Southampton, Wolves made a last-ditch effort to sign Dia in the summer transfer window.

According to reports, Wolves made a loan proposal with a buyout option.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Salernitana thought this offer was “horrible,” and Morgan De Sanctiis, their sporting director, openly criticized Wolves for their actions.

There has been some turbulence with Dia since then, but there has just been a significant advancement.
Boulaye Dia, a former Wolves target, will not play for Salernitana for the remainder of the season after declining to participate.

TIM Series A: US Salernitana vs. AC Monza
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Salernitana was playing Udinese over the weekend.

Manager Fabio Liverani attempted to substitute Dia for the remaining minutes while he was on the bench, but the player declined. According to Fabrizio Romano, Liverani stated: “I wanted him to enter in the final 7-8 minutes, but he said no.”

TMW has subsequently revealed that Dia would not be taken into consideration for selection for the remainder of the season.

The division has been called “bitter” for Dia, who was such an important player for the team the previous season, and “a situation that cannot be reconciled.”

It also states that Salernitana is currently investigating their options for requesting release from paying a portion of his salary as well as damages.

To put it plainly, there is a growing likelihood that Dia will be joining a new club this summer.

There have been no fresh reports indicating Wolves’ intention to pursue Dia again this summer.

However, since Wolves’ offer last summer, the situation with Dia at Salernitana has grown so bad that one has to question if it would truly be worth starting over.

Last summer, Salernitana were furious with Wolves for their tardiness in contacting them and for presenting them with a proposition that they found unacceptable.

They won’t likely want to conduct business with one other and will undoubtedly want Dia to go elsewhere.

However, Wolves also need to take Dia’s actions into account. It’s never a good look to refuse to play, and he could not have predicted that Salernitana would let him go on a first loan at this late point in the transfer window.

It was never probable that he would relocate, but he seems to have taken the failed transfer quite severely.

In the Wolves locker room, Gary O’Neil has fostered a remarkable sense of unity and camaraderie, and he will not tolerate any possible negative forces destroying it.

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