NEWS NOW: The Baltimore Ravens Have Added One of the Year’s Most Skillful Player…

NEWS NOW: The Baltimore Ravens Have Added One of the Year’s Most Skillful Player…



The Baltimore Ravens were hardly the focus of attention over the offseason compared to the rest of the NFL. Some could even have believed that the period before free agency was unnaturally silent.

However, as soon as they signed Derrick Henry in free agency, they created a stir in the NFL.

Analysts who have followed the Ravens for years offer their candid opinions on how King Henry would affect the caliber of football played in the Queen City as fans of the team start to get excited about how difficult it will now be to stop them running the ball with Henry and Lamar Jackson threatening to tear through opposing defensive lines.

On Sunday, October 1, 2023, in Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, running back Derrick Henry (22) of the Tennessee Titans scores a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals in the second quarter.

Employees at the venerable Ravens journal Baltimore Beatdown discussed a variety of facets of the deal, and sentiment is mostly favorable.

During the hectic first day of the NFL’s authorized tampering period, the Ravens showed patience. Although nearly every running back had signed a contract to join a new team, the Ravens held their ground with their objective. Ultimately, Henry is acquired for a $8–10 million AAV, contingent on his incentives. Henry is benefiting Baltimore because he is delivering, which is why he is hitting those incentives.

With his powerful and tough running style, Henry seemed destined for the Ravens. I am totally okay with the $8 million average salary of the contract, which only comes with a $9 million fully guaranteed cap. That means he will make more money if he performs better.

Zach Canter dampened the excitement by speculating that the Ravens could have overpaid for a man who might already be nearing the end of his career:

Eight million dollars a year is nothing to laugh at. Furthermore, Henry is reaching the ideal age of 30 for a running back. The Ravens seen it with Mark Ingram, who at age 29 in 2019 ran for a thousand yards and then appeared unplayable at age 30 in 2020. Henry’s tires had plenty of wear as well. This signing has a high reward/risk ratio.

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