NEWS TRANSFER: Amik Robertson valued at $12.5 million has signed a short-term contract with the Detroit Lions to replace five injured players…

NEWS TRANSFER: Amik Robertson  valued at $12.5 million has signed a short-term contract with the Detroit Lions to replace five injured players…



With a definite emphasis on improving the defense, the Detroit Lions have been restrained throughout the first two days of free agency negotiations. Amik Robertson, a former Raiders cornerback, has reportedly joined them.

At the young age of 25, Robertson’s career in Las Vegas appeared to be just getting started. Although the cornerback’s coach, teammates, and supporters largely had nothing but positive things to say about him, Raiders country isn’t exactly overjoyed that he’s moving to Detroit.

Robertson, a perhaps full-time starter, adds talent and depth to a Detroit cornerback position that has been lacking in both. Better still, the contract is rather little. The agreement, which was first estimated to be worth $9.25 million to $10.5 million over two years, really functions more like a one-year agreement with a potential big hike in 2025.

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Robertson will have a cap charge of just $2.85 million this season, which is more than fair for a guy who is expected to report to training camp as a CB3 or CB4. That is now one spot higher than Emmanuel Moseley ($2.17M) among all NFL cornerbacks, ranking 53rd overall. Robertson’s deal has enough guaranteed money, including his whole 2024 salary, to pretty well ensure that he will be playing for the team this season.

For 2025, though, things will be different. For the second year of his contract, there are no fresh money promises. Next year, his pay increases by a whopping $3 million as well. That implies that in order for Detroit to exit the deal with just $1.65 million in dead money, Robertson will need to genuinely earn the second year of that contract. In that case, the Lions would have signed a one-year contract for $4.5 million, which would be paid over two years.

This contract is basically written just like the one they provided John Cominsky the previous year. The Lions requested that Cominsky accept a pay reduction this year in order to reduce his total income in Year 2 of that agreement after a disappointing season. If Robertson doesn’t perform up to par, the Lions may potentially do the same with his contract.

Whatever transpires, Robertson will join the Lions in Year 1 at a very reasonable budget charge, and the young cornerback has a fantastic chance to make a significant salary for himself in 2025.

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