Arrangement completed: The Rams have agreed to pay $50 million for a three-year contract with right guard…

By reaching a contract extension with right guard Kevin Dotson before to the start of free agency, the Los Angeles Rams were able to prevent him from entering the open market.

The Los Angeles Rams’ summer would be dominated by rebuilding its offensive line, which had done well in 2023 but was headed for free agency. In addition, right guard Kevin Dotson’s breakthrough came before a contract year, which is typically a sign of a bidding battle. Center Coleman Shelton has already opted out.

With their riches, the Rams can contend with other clubs on the open market. Nevertheless, they won’t have to with Dotson.

Los Angeles allegedly gave Dotson a $48 million, three-year contract extension on Thursday.

The Rams announced the signing on Wednesday afternoon, making the transaction official.Los Angeles allegedly gave Dotson a $48 million, three-year contract extension on Thursday.

Dec. 31, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA: At MetLife Stadium, Los Angeles Rams guard Kevin Dotson (69) stops New York Giants linebacker Bobby Okereke (58) to set up a rushing touchdown by Los Angeles running back Kyren Williams (23).

Late in the summer, Dotson was obtained by the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for two Day 3 draft selections. Les Snead, general manager, intended to start a linemen Los Angeles rotating door and wanted to offer another choice.

Rather, they received a star. Dotson was rated as the second-best guard in football by Pro Football Focus, with Chris Lindstrom of the Atlanta Falcons ranking higher. His grade as an inside offensive lineman was the third highest. The top four offensive linemen were just four.

Take the Rams’ offer seriously; it says more about their feelings toward Dotson than PFF could ever hope to.

Dotson is the fourth-highest paid right guard in the league each year at $16 million per season (according to Over the Cap). He was paid like an elite talent and played like one, to put it simply.

This season, Dotson, 27, transformed from a one-dimensional lineman to one of the finest in the game because to his blossoming run blocking abilities. It’s also important to note that, despite playing considerably less snaps in 2020 and 2021, he only committed two penalties, a career low. He has 12 penalties in 1,160 offensive snaps in 2022.

Almost all of Dotson’s prior professional experience was at left guard, therefore this season was also his first on the right side. Although his versatility is a plus, Los Angeles is unlikely to move him from right guard in the near future.

The level of faith placed in a one-year breakout is the sole warning with regard to Dotson’s on-field ability. Fans should be encouraged about his future, though, given how well he fits into head coach Sean McVay’s scheme and the performance he put on video this season.

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