AWFUL NEWS: Jameson Williams announce 2 players dead suddenly…

The NFL is bringing back three players who were originally given harsher punishments as part of changes to its gambling policy.

Jameson Williams of Detroit and Nicholas Petit-Frere of Tennessee can rejoin their clubs on Monday. Starting on Tuesday, Stanley Berryhill, a free agent, will be able to take part in any events, including games. At first, all three players received a six-game suspension.

The penalty for wagering on non-NFL sports from club facilities is now limited to two games under the new regulation.

The minimum ban for wagering on NFL games has been upped to one year, and it has been increased to two years for players who wager on their own teams.

The league stated that it regularly evaluates the gambling policy “to ensure that it is responsive to changing circumstances and fully addresses our commitment to protect the integrity of our game” in a document addressed to teams that The Associated Press was able to receive.

In order to make sure that rules are “clear, properly communicated, and focused on protecting the integrity of the game and the reputations of everyone connected with the NFL,” the league has recently conferred with the NFL Players Association and franchises.

The person designated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes the decisions on infractions of the gambling policy.

A rundown of the sanctions:

NFL football wagering carries a minimum one-year or minimum two-year punishment, as well as a permanent ban if the player wagers on a game that his club is playing in.

If game-fixing is proven or attempted, the NFL will permanently ban you.

Insider knowledge and advice: a minimum of a year and an indefinite ban.

Third-party or proxy betting: a minimum of one year and an indefinite suspension.

Placing bets (on sports other than NFL football) while at work or during working hours: first offense carries a two-game unpaid penalty; second offense carries a six-game unpaid suspension; third offense carries a minimum one-year unpaid ban.

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