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One positive development for running backs in NFL free agency this week was Derrick Henry’s signing with the Ravens. (From The Baltimore Banner/Ulysses Muñoz)

Maryland’s OWINGS MILLS Even a year following his positional dilemma, Derrick Henry remains close to his teammates running backs.

This was a week he could look forward to.

“I was relieved to see the men leave the market really quickly. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, I believe it shows how important the running back position is still, Henry said on Thursday. Henry is one of numerous free agency backs who have signed with new clubs recently. He agreed to a $16 million, two-year contract with the Ravens.

The ability to run the ball is still required. You still need a man who has the ability to alter the course of any given game. The men who I believe signed those contracts are capable of doing it, and I believe that was acknowledged.

Even though running backs aren’t as profitable as other positions, some of the top rushers in the league this season were able to experience something priceless: mobility. Henry moved from a Tennessee club in last place to  Baltimore, home of one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL. From the New York Giants, Saquon Barkley joined Philadelphia’s potentially explosive offense.

relocated from Las Vegas to a playoff club in Green Bay, while Tony Pollard joined the Titans to replace Henry.

With the franchise tag applied to Barkley, Pollard, and Jacobs last season, their opportunity to test the open market was delayed by one year.

The three players’ failure to sign long-term deals last year highlighted the way the NFL has been handling running backs lately. Aside from punter and kicker, running backs are rarely thought of as excellent assets when their rookie contracts expire, and they have the lowest franchise tag value of any position.

Last summer, Henry set up a group conversation among the best players for the role. The Colts and Jonathan Taylor, the best player for Indianapolis, ultimately decided on a three-year agreement with a $26.5 million guarantee after Taylor had demanded a move.

Barkley’s new contract is comparable, with $26 million guaranteed over three years. He stated that guaranteed money was important for apparent reasons.

It’s significant for more than simply the running back position, in my opinion. Barkley stated, “I think it’s important for any player in the NFL to get as much guaranteed money as you can.” Our team is an NFL team. Not just the quarterbacks, but all of them. It’s a violent game. In this game, anything might happen at any time.

Barkley is three years older than Henry, who is thirty, and Henry signed a two-year contract with the Ravens that guaranteed him $9 million. The fact that both of those backs joined teams they may potentially succeed with unites them. Jacobs took a similar decision by joining the young Packers.

Pollard, who is from Tennessee and played college ball at Memphis, was traded by the NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys to the Titans.

It happened at the ideal moment. Everything simply fell into place as it should have,” remarked Pollard. It made sense for me because I have a lot of family here and I know the region well.


Pollard seemed relieved that his brief stint as a free agent was coming to an end.

Pollard remarked, “I’m glad I’m not on the market anymore, but it was a little stressful.” “I am happy that I have a home.”

No matter how much money is available for running backs, athletes may prioritize finding a good match for themselves by using free agency. Aaron Jones left Green Bay for Minnesota, and Austin Ekeler left the Los Angeles Chargers for Washington.

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