unbelievable: METS lost another player today at…..

Born within the little town of Misplaced Country, Iowa, McAndrew played both baseball and ball at the College of Iowa. A knee harm provoked him to center only on baseball, and he was drafted by the Mets in 1965, proceeding to go to school within the offseason to complete his degree in brain research. After a number of seasons with the Mets’ minor alliance associates, McAndrew made his major association make a big appearance in 1968, substituting for Nolan Ryan.

The year after his major association make a big appearance was the year of the “Miracle Mets,” a stellar group that distant outperformed their past seasons. They got to be the primary development group to win a World Arrangement, besting the Baltimore Orioles fair eight seasons after their foundation. In spite of the fact that McAndrew’s pitching made a difference the group to the postseason, he didn’t play in any of their playoff or World Arrangement diversions.

McAndrew remained with the Mets through 1973, when he was exchanged to the San Diego Padres. After a single season that included a series of wounds, he resigned in 1974. After his baseball career, McAndrew rotated to working in deals and administration within the coal industry for more than 25 a long time.
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