Just In:Rachel Nichols Explains How LeBron James Can Become The GOAT…

Every NBA season, people debate one central question: Is LeBron James or Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time?

Of course, this is a question that will never have a definitive answer but that doesn’t mean people will stop asking it.On Friday’s “Undisputed,” Rachel Nichols reluctantly raised the question and said that if James is able to win a fifth championship at his age and with his accolades and with the teams and coaches he’s played with, he would definitely need to be considered the GOAT.She suggested that James’ accomplishments would be more impressive than Jordan’s for a number of reasons.First, his age: James is doing amazing things at 39 years old.Second, he has broken a number of league records and has also won championships with three different franchises now.

Finally, he has done so with a mixed bag of players and coaches, which also adds to the importance of all he has achieved, according to Nichols.For those reasons, James would have to be considered better than Jordan if he won another championship.They will be tasked with taking down a top seed in the West in the opening round of the playoffs, which will be no small feat.Of course, James has surprised people so many times throughout his career, even when others had counted him out.

If he is able to win another championship, especially with the current condition of the Lakers, talk about him being the greatest will only grow louder.

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