BRAVE MOVE!: Steve Kerr has passed a strong message to the people on…

Draymond Green was injected into the center of controversy again this week.

Just the other day, the Golden State Warriors star was tossed out of the opening minutes of a game against the Orlando Magic for arguing with referees.Following that, a lot of people criticized Green’s actions, but some also questioned Stephen Curry’s leadership too.

Speaking to 95.7 The Game, via Legion Hoops, head coach Steve Kerr said that anyone laying the blame at Curry’s feet is ridiculous.

Kerr said:

“(Draymond) is a grown man. He’s got to handle his own business. Any mention of Steph being culpable is just ridiculous. The way Steph has carried our franchise represented our franchise for 15 years.”He could privately speak with Green or even publicly air his grievances but would that create any sort of change?

At the end of the day, Green is going to do what he wants and no one, including Kerr, Curry, or Adam Silver, can ultimately stop him.

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